Mr. Hou attended Ping An Bank meeting and made a speech
Date of publication:2016-06-29   Source:

In order to promotethe amalgamation between commercial factoring & finance leasing business and “internet+”, increase enterprise operation efficiency, broaden financing channels, on 28th-June-2016 afternoon, Guangdong Finance Leasing Association,together with Guangdong Factors Association and Ping An bank incorporated company Guangzhou branch co-held “Ping An bank factors company and leasing company comprehensive financial service meeting” at Guangzhou Tianhe Hilton Hotel. Huang Shu Yun, vice-director of Market order and regulation of Department of commerce of Guangdong Province, Zhang YouHuai and Song YanMin, executive vice-chairman of Guangdong Factors Association and Guangdong Finance Leasing Association, Zhuo Bing, vice-president of Ping Anbank Guangdong head office, trade finance business department, Chen Xu Hui, leaderof trade finance business department factors domestic marketing, more than sixty factoring and finance leasing enterprises attended the meeting. Shineng Group president Mr. Hou Jianxiong acting as the executive chairman of Guangdong Finance Leasing Association presented at this meeting, and made a speech.

At the meeting, Huang Shuyun emphasized that Guangdong province is a big private enterprise province; manufacturing industry is a powerful impetus for theeconomic development. Factoring and finance leasing organic integrate with entity economy, which will contribute to promote Guangdong province private enterprise developing faster and better. President Hou Jianxiong put forward that enterprise development need to keep innovation consciousness,promote capacity transferring and integration of industry and finance, realizethe plan of “walk out together”strategy, relieve funding pressure,reduce risk prevention and control. Ping An Bank emphasis marketing self-developed “Factoring cloud”system and comprehensive financial service cooperation scheme. After meeting, enterprise representatives consulted Ping An Bank about the comprehensive financial system and service cooperation scheme, and this meeting will contribute to the cooperation among banks, factoring and finance leasing enterprises, realize mutual benefit and win-win result.

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